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Flower color genetics in Mimulus lewisii and M. cardinalis

The next lab meeting will happen on Wednesday November 5th at noon, Science 3, G17. This week, still in preparation to Dr. Yao-Wu Yuan's visit, another of his papers will be discussed (see link below). I want to know more about the genetic and molecular basis underlying prezygotic barriers to reproduction between the bumblebee-pollinated Mimulus lewisii and the hummingbird-pollinated Mimulus cardinalis. Everyone is invited.


Yuan, Y-W., J. M. Sagawa, R. C. Young, B. J. Christensen, and H. D. Bradshaw Jr. 2013. Genetic dissection of a major anthocyanin QTL contributing to pollinator-mediated reproductive isolation between sister species of Mimulus. Genetics 194:255-263.