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The lab group eager to "get to work" in January of 2014.

The lab group eager to "get to work" in January of 2014.


Jay Sobel, PhD - principal investigator

I am broadly interested in the ecological and genetic basis of adaptation and speciation, and I primarily use the emerging model plant genus Mimulus to answer questions about these fundamental processes. I received my dual-major PhD at Michigan State University from the Department of Plant Biology (MSU-PlantBio) and the Ecology, Evolutionary Biology, & Behavior Program (MSU-EEBB). I was a Postdoctoral Research Associate at the University of Oregon in the Institute for Ecology and Evolution (UO-IE^2).



Haley Arnold, PhD student

I received my BS in biological sciences from the University at Buffalo, where I worked with Dr. Charlotte Lindqvist examining the distributions of brown bears in Alaska as influenced by climate change. I joined the Sobel lab in the fall of 2015. My current interest is characterizing the genetic basis of ecologically adaptive traits that contribute to speciation. Outside of the lab, I enjoy Saturday morning cartoons and screaming at rock shows.


Kelly Vest, MS student


Alexandra Leslie, MS student

I was an undergrad at Binghamton University (2012-2015) as an Integrated Neuroscience major.  As an MS student, my research focuses on variation in gene expression that controls changes in dispersal traits in two species of Mimulus. Outside of the lab I enjoy singing, hiking, swimming, board games and Netflix.  I'm an active member of the Binghamton University Glee Club and Department of Undergraduate Admissions as a tour guide.


Lab alumni

Alex Turo, MS 2016: currently PhD candidate in the Translational Plant Sciences Graduate Program at Ohio State University